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Agents: Amber Mager

Amber Mager is native East Texan. She and her husband, Brad, adopted two beautiful children in 2017, and now live in Gilmer, TX. After trading the small town of Mineola where she grew up for Longview, Amber spent 10 years working in accounting and procurement in the oil & gas industry. Amber loves her community in Gilmer, and staying close to her roots. Amber grew up in the real estate world watching her grandfather who was a real estate broker and investor in Seattle and later East Texas. She has always known this is where she wanted to land. During Covid she decided to take the plunge and shift careers, and we are so glad she did! Amber is very driven and goal oriented, so it comes to no surprise that she has excelled from the start of this new venture, and is so excited to work for the people of this community that she calls home.

Amber is passionate about the real estate industry and is ready to work hard for families to achieve their dreams and to achieve and maintain a lifestyle that is going to keep our community healthy and strong. Whether you are buying, selling, or just want to talk real estate, she is eager and ready to assist!

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